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The Woman Who Fell from the Sky

The Woman Who Fell from the Sky - Jennifer Steil Jennifer Steil has an intimate, chatty, self-effacing style of writing which is similar to Elizabeth Gilbert (EAT PRAY LOVE). I find it accessible and a delight to read.
Having researched Yemen for my novel, I already knew a great deal about Sana'a - the capital city of that fascinating country. Ms Steil was fortunate to be able to live and work there before it became too dangerous for westerners.
We learn about the frustrations of teaching journalism to writers whose first language isn't English. We witness her growing love for the Yemeni people and the city they live in. We are at her elbow when she meets the new British Ambassador to Yemen, Tim Torlot - then we learn what the fallout of this meeting is.
It is difficult to find any westerners accounts of living in, or even visiting Yemen because so few do so. 'The Woman Who Fell from the Sky' is absorbing and honestly written. I recommend it.